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澳门mg电子游艺:Market Quotes "Last Fall" Private Equity Captures Two Investment Opportunities

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内容摘要: this week, A-share market changes, long and short news intertwined, A shares on Friday on the occasion of the successful integration of MSC...

this week, A-share market changes, long and short news intertwined, A shares on Friday on the occasion of the successful integration of MSCI indices, both long and short in a fierce battle around 3000 points, A shares vulnerable to adjust the weakness to do now. What are the views of private equity institutions on the 3,000-point defense campaign? To this end, private placement networks have organized some of the views of private investors to readers.

market "last fall" retaliatory rebound anytime staged

the recent weak market, small investment Lishi Yu Yu, general manager, said the recent trading volume has been shrinking, but on the whole, the Shanghai and Shenzhen yesterday There was a drama of Jedi bounce, while the GEM board referring to went out of the downward trend. However, Lai Siwei has a cautious view on the current market trend. He believes that the current market is not optimistic about the technical trend. However, after the A-share market has been continuously adjusted for four months, we believe that the current market conditions should be "the last drop!" Then it will find the bottom low in the middle of the year and build the bottom. There will still be big-band market in the second half of the year. In addition, Mr. Lai stressed that the key point at the moment is whether investors' holding positions will have greater potential for future growth.

Wu Rongping, Chairman of Rongrong Investment, said that the "mine-clearing operations" such as bond default, risk of closeouts, and deleveraging are still in progress. After the May closeout war, the arrival of the A-share market in the episode of MSCI in June will usher in. Events. The GEM with a deeper level of early capital involvement will, with the warming of the short-term market atmosphere, rebound in the resilience of information, and it will also be staged at a high level of growth, especially high hopes for high technology.

Jufeng Investment believes that during the period of the previous A-share adjustment, the market volume has shrunk significantly. In fact, it is obviously to build the bottom signal. On Thursday, the A-share market was affected by the sharp rise of European and American stock markets, but it also had a bottoming rally. However, from the side of the market, the market volume is still insufficient. We expect the market conditions will still be repeated. Today is the first trading day in June. The ability of the A-share market to close the Yangxian will have a certain influence on the sentiment of the A-share market.

Ma Ze pointed out that Juze Investment Chairman Mao Zedong pointed out that overall, the A-share market was under the influence of the internal blood-sampling effect and was perturbed by the periphery. As a result, it plunged yesterday, but as stocks in Europe and the United States rose, A-shares also touched. At the end of the rebound, market sentiment has improved, but the large-quantity market is still insufficient, indicating that market funds are more cautious. In addition, there are many uncertainties in the market (trade friction, interest rate increase in June, etc.). In the case of broken technology, both popularity and technology need time to slowly repair, and short-term rebound persistence has to be observed; if The next step is to break 3,000 points. For the medium term, there will be better "gold pit" opportunities.

Huafeng Jinfeng Fund Manager Li Feng revealed that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index had an extreme trend of six consecutive days, which also meant that short-term oversold rebound only lacked a fuse. The news that the central bank is expected to lower the rate of deposit reserve will also be further fermented, A shares will be formally included in MSCI, and the blue chips have led the two cities to lead the oversold bounce. However, Li Feng stressed that the most taboo in the typical downtrend is to stage a retaliatory rally directly before the bottom has been proved. Before the short selloff is fully released, it is not very good for most stocks. Opportunity, it is recommended that the majority of small and medium investors be cautious.

Grasping two major investment opportunities

In terms of sector opportunities, Wu Guoping believes that large-scale consumption as a long-distance running athlete is very much in line with foreign tastes. In China, which has a large population consumption bonus, large consumer stocks have activated both inside and outside of the market when the A-share market is in trouble. At the same time, he said that the CDR Unicorn curve return as the hottest topic in June, took the opportunity to focus on vertical and horizontal extension opportunities. Wu Guoping’s still promising sector is a new industry, especially high-tech small and medium-sized companies. The rise of China depends on high technology, and this is where the future lies.

Jufeng Investment believes that overall, the A-share market is dominated by stock game funds in the near term. Small- and medium-sized investors can grasp two major investment opportunities in short-term operations: First, the oversold and rebound opportunities of small-cap stocks; second, MSCI China. There are valuation advantages of Hakuba blue chip stocks in the concept.

Ma Chengze suggested that phase traders should be more patient and wait for new opportunities, especially for plate opportunities. Currently see more than move the main. Judging from the disk surface, short-term wet storage operation, or wait and see.





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